Binary numeral system

What is binary numeral system?

Binary number system is based on only two digits: 0 and 1. All numbers are written with the help of these two figures. Base binary system is two.

Binary number system used in computers. Bit is the smallest unit of information. The word "bit" comes from the «binary digit». Bit may be one or zero, because the binary system has only two digits: 0 and 1.

Binary number system refers to a positional numeral system. This means that the value of the binary number associated with the positions of numbers in it.

Example: binary numbers 1101 and 1011 are composed of an equal number of ones and zeros, but their positions are different, hence the numbers are different.

Here is the table of the positions of 1101:

Now the table of the positions of 1011:
The position numbers start from 0.

How to compare two binary numbers?

Binary numbers are compared as well as in the decimal system, examples:

100 > 10
100 < 110
111 < 1111
111 < 1000